A Bel Air Home of Rare and Unique Luxury


These days, you don’t get more luxurious than what you get in this Bel Air home that is worth $53 million. Even during America’s golden era of affluence a house like this was a rare experience.

The reason for this is, among others, the fact that the house rests on the summit between the renowned Hotel Bel-Air and the notable Bel-Air Country Club. Another factor to consider is that it is the work of the best in their areas of expertise.

Architect Michael C.F. Chan designed this well-appointed home, and the interior design is the work of Beth Winkler. Both of them enjoy a list of discriminating clients.

If you have the cash to spend and would like to inhabit one of the most paramount and opulent residential properties in the world, then this Bel Air home is for you.