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how to write a compare and contrast essay research papers network security essay for sale papers term help write paper Today’s appliances often look for ways to include green features in their products. Keep this in mind the next time you buy a new home appliance. That way, you can inquire about energy saving features, or do research online before you decide what you want to buy.

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  1. Home Theatre Television sets. Look for a standby feature. This is a sensor that switches off the TV or sets it on standby when you aren’t watching it. Also, look for LED TV backlit screens, which only use a third of the power of older television models, and use only 0.1W on standby.
  2. Solar hot water home heater. These heaters can reduce your water heating bills by up to 80 percent. It is more expensive to install, but in the long term it pays off. Solar energy is used to heat the water. In some cases the sun’s energy isn’t enough to heat a typical home, so have a standby feature – either an electric or gas system.