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The Writer S Work Place Essays Ak is a strategic and creative content house that creates innovative, online editorial for our clients, so they can achieve the best Gray makes a great background for brighter accents. In fact, when decorating, you can think of gray walls and furniture as a blank canvas. Rich hues will pop against the neutral base, and give them an even more interesting look.

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There’s something about gray that makes any room instantly look more sophisticated. Its natural aura of class and tastefulness gives you an easy way to turn any space into a chic interior that looks like it’s pulled straight from the pages of a home magazine.

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Sometimes, gray hues can pick up on the tones of surrounding colors. In the example above, the light gray walls and curtains take on a bit of a blue cast, thanks to the deep blue upholstery of the bedding and furniture. This creates a look that is pleasing to the eye, but not perfectly matching – thus more interesting.


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While black and white rooms may seem like simple, chic choices in theory, they can often look too sterile. The high contrast is too harsh on the eyes. Instead of going for only the two extremes, some variation and softening can be introduced by using a few elements that are either very light or dark gray. In the example above, the light gray walls almost look white, but the difference in shade makes the white shelving and tiles look crisper, and the black decorative additions not so bold.


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When a room has a multitude of textures, the best way to find balance is by using a neutral color theme, such as gray. Imagine the room above with a palette of rich green or deep blue. What was once beautiful quickly becomes overwhelming. The light gray walls, curtains, and couch keep the room feeling airy and tranquil, in spite of the abundance of books, pillows, seats, and decorative pieces.


Tell us what you think of these gray rooms and our insider advice. If you have a lovely gray room of your own, we’d love to see photos! Share with us in the comments below.