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The most common type of room to add to a property is a bedroom. If you have an expanding family, then this is a great option. If you have a two-story home, you don’t have to have the bedroom added up there. You can add it to the first story and possibly even make it into a master bedroom for you and your spouse.

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Some people believe that every home should have one, but since they don’t, you can always have one added on by a professional contractor. Designing your game room is likely the best part. Make sure that you make it large enough to fit the amount of people that it’s intended for.

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If you want to give your children a game room of their own, you can have a playroom built by a licensed contractor. This will give them their own personal space and will help to keep their rooms tidier, since all of the toys will be in the playroom.

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The second most common addition that is made to homes is a bathroom. Depending on where you decide to place the bathroom, you will either have to build a half bath or a full bathroom. You can have the bathroom added to an existing bedroom, in a hallway or elsewhere you feel it would be convenient.