Monty 7 ways detox indoor air plant

If you are very particular about a green home lifestyle, there are seven things you can watch out for that you may have in your home, or that you may be using that can affect the air that you and your children breathe.

According to The Soft landing, air indoors can be 100 times worse than air outdoors. The blame is placed on cleaning products, some types of furniture and building materials.

Some things that you can do to clear the air in your home are:

  1. Only use non-toxic paint indoors. Even non-VOC is not good enough.
  2. Don’t use bleach nor aerosol to clean your oven.
  3. Get rid of skincare products and synthetic air fresheners and cleaning products.
  4. Buy a non-toxic mattress. If you have a conventional mattress, wrap it up.
  5. Avoid wrinkle-free curtains, bedding and clothes.
  6. Linoleum flooring is better than vinyl/PVC flooring.
  7. Don’t get any furniture that is made of pressed wood or wood particle boards.

All of the above may seem to be easier said than done, but it will help you to have a healthier home with clean, fresh air.