Treehugger suggests natural home cooling solutions to beat the heat. Enduring a long, mean summer without the air conditioner is hard. However, you can lessen your need to use the air con in several ways. These ways include: 1) Awnings. They shade the windows, filtering up to 26 percent of the sun, experts say. 2)  Wall climbing vines. The sight of old English mansions covered with vines is breathtaking, at the same time provides great protection from the sun, reducing heat by up to 50%. 3) Plant a tree. It will absorb heat and create shade. However, don’t keep it too close to your home as the roots may end up taking in all the ground water, affecting your home’s foundation. Consult an expert for the best place to plant your tree. These are just some of many ways to cool your house down in a green, green way.